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BY FAR started as a project led by clear passion for product, quality, and uniqueness. We are grateful to see it exceed our wildest dream, yet, we believe your journey is only beginning, for it holds an extraordinary opportunity to further evolve into an inspiring force for
positive change – stepping into the pre-loved market.

In an era where environmental consciousness has become an indomitable call, BY FAR insists to stands at the vanguard of innovation. By venturing into the pre-loved market, we hope to unleash a wave of sustainability, breathing life into pre-loved fashion pieces and rendering them timeless
treasures once more.

As BY FAR grows in respect with the planet, we aspire to embrace a new kind of beauty – the beauty of responsibility. Each bag, a pair of shoes or an accessory given a second life becomes a testament to our commitment to reducing waste and preserving the Earth's precious resources. Moreover, we hope for this move to not only inspire our followers, but inspire our peers too, beckoning them to join the quest for a greener, more ethical fashion world.

By embracing the pre-loved market, BY FAR dreams to evolve our brand in a profound symbol
of the change we want to see, reflecting the harmonious blend of style and sustainability, demonstrating that being on the bleeding edge of fashion trends can coexist with planet-consciousness. Together, hand in hand with NOLD, we are excited to present BY FAR's visionary leap into the pre-loved market, a testament to the power of fashion to heal our planet.