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product authenticity

"Authenticated by NOLD" products

BY FAR by THE NOLD is a marketplace for pre-loved BY FAR items, where all products supplied by the brand or NOLD are with guaranteed authenticity.

On those products you'd be able to see "Authenticated by NOLD" above the title of the product on the product page. Items with this label would be fulfilled either by the brand or by NOLD guaranteeing the legitimacy of the product.

product authenticity

Non-authenticated products

NOLD supports the listing of authentic only products. In the event that a seller is found to list or sell counterfeit products, the seller would be liable to all penalties as defined by the relevant jurisdiction.

To ensure the purchase of an authentic product by a seller, make sure the listing includes a proof of purchase, chat with the seller to confirm the origin or request Authentication of the product that would be performed by NOLD's team.